Is Global Test Market a Scam?

Is Global Test Market a Scam or The Real Deal?

Global Test Market scam claims are false.

Global Test Market is a legitimate site which has over 200 companies that they represent, as well as nearly one million users participating in the surveys that they provide. Their payment have always been on time and always for the full amount that was earned. In the rare case that a sponsor fails to pay GTM, the site will still pay its survey takers out of their own pocket in order to make sure its user base is made whole. Global test market also provide in home product testing opportunities.

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OK so Global Test Market is not a Scam but what about Money?

How much will I earn doing online surveys?

The trick with surveys sites is to join a few to make it worth it. I earn around $500 each month being a member on 5 survey sites. Besides Global Test Market there are many other great survey companies out there as well, the key is knowing where to find them. An internet search can be a good starting point, but you will quickly find that there are too many to choose from, and that many of them may pay only 2 months after surveys are taken, or they may take a huge commission. We have put together a list of the top 5 survey companies that we feel offer the most in value for their users. The factors we looked at include how fast the company pays, if they have ever been late or missed a payment, how many offer the company has, how often it gives out surveys, and how much the average survey pays out. You can sign up for all 5 of them and can rest assured that you have found pretty much the top 5 survey companies that are in existence right now.

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Taking surveys online for Money

Taking surveys online has proven to be a very profitable activity for millions of people, especially for the relatively small amount of work that you actually have to do. While there are hundreds of paid survey sites on the internet, you have to be careful which one you choose. The majority of them are legitimate businesses that pay on time and give you everything that you are owed. However, there are a small percentage of companies that won’t pay you on time, if they pay you at all, or they may only pay you a portion of what you really earned with them.

Finding a reputable survey site will mean that the work that you put into the surveys will actually be rewarded at the end of the month. Recently, a couple of people who make a decent amount of money off of survey sites have said that Global Test Market is a scam. This couldn’t be further from the truth, in order to understand why a select number of people might say such a thing, it is important that you know exactly how paid survey sites work.

For most people, making a little bit of extra side income participating in paid surveys is fun, and nets them a nice check at the end of the month. These kinds of people are an important demographic for companies to target, and they use the survey companies to accurately gauge how likely a certain product or service is to succeed if they decide to release it. A casual survey taker might earn anywhere between $50-120 a month from Global Test Market, depending on the number of surveys they qualify for, and which ones they decide to take. For just a couple of hours a work, it is a pretty nice income.

In the case of casual survey takers, they win because they collect some extra income, the companies win because they now have information that will help them develop new products, and the survey sites themselves win because they take a small commission from every survey taken. This is a great outcome for everyone, and is exactly how the survey industry started out.

Some people will take this to another level and start to make some serious money with survey taking, turning it almost into a second job. The key to doing this is to sign up for several different survey sites, since each survey site usually has a different pool of companies that it represents. People who decide to take surveys as a second job can make anywhere from $300-$500 a month, and sometimes even more. These dedicated survey takers are important to companies because they can critically analyze product and services and offer honest opinions about what they think about them since they have probably seen hundreds of different ideas pitched to them.

Don’t Try to Cheat the System!
because you won’t get paid

The last group of people who try to make money with survey sites are actually trying to game the system. What they will do is try to sign up with fake names several times at the same survey site, and do that at a large number of sites. Of course, this is against the rules at any survey site, and usually is grounds for an immediate ban and confiscation of any money that they earned, since they earned it illegitimately.

These people are the ones who will go onto forums and review websites and complain about how a certain site is a scam, when in reality, they were the ones trying to scam the site. People like this hurt everybody involved because they aren’t providing real answers from real people, they are just trying to make a quick buck.

Once the survey site either finds the scammer on their own, or the company who is sponsoring the survey notifies the survey site of duplicate accounts, the survey site will usually close down all the accounts and not pay out any money. People think that the survey site will just keep the money, but that certainly isn’t the case, it is credited back to the company sponsoring the survey because they got no real information out of those specific answers.

Scammers will try to “get even” with the survey site that banned them and try to ruin their reputation around the internet. It is unfortunate, but some people believe trying to make a quick dollar the wrong way is better than trying to do it the honest way. The thing is, you can make big money taking surveys, you just have to sign up for several survey taking sites, and they are perfectly OK with it, since you are just being exposed to a greater number of unique surveys.

Well that’s about it. Remember, to earn a decent amount of money you have to sign up with a few survey panels.

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