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The Atkins diet started a revolution in the way that people looked at carbohydrates and the way that they went on diets. There are many diets in the world that advocate having a slim body but very few people have been able to achieve the weight that they wanted. With the Atkins diet this changed and people who were on this program soon noticed a change in their body shape. To make sure that no “bad” foods were allowed to creep into the diet there was also an Atkins Diet food list that you could see.

From this Atkins Diet food list you can see that certain foods are forbidden for you to eat during the first stage of the Atkins Diet. During this stage you will re-educate your body to burn the existing stores of fat and lose weight. While this may sound as if you have nothing to eat there are interesting foods that are allowed.

From the Atkins Diet food list you’ll find that in stage 1 you can eat meats, fish, poultry, and eggs. While the diet says that there is an unlimited amount of these which you can eat, it may be a good idea to eat only moderate servings of these foods. You should however stay away from processed meats as they could contain sugars.

Cheese types surprisingly, are allowed on the Atkins Diet food list. There are certain cheeses that you can eat while you are on this diet. These are full-fat, firm, soft and semi-soft cheese. The Atkins Diet food list also includes aged cheeses as well as cheddar, and cow, sheep or goat’s cheese.

You will also find Gouda, Mozzarella, Swiss and Roquefort cheeses on the Atkins Diet food list. In addition other cheese varieties like the Blue cheese types can be consumed and can be found on the Atkins Diet food list.

With this food list handy as you progress through your diet, you’ll find that you’ll also be learning new and inventive ways to cook these foods as well.

Whereas earlier you might have found that your staple foods and main dishes consisted of mainly high carbohydrate foods, with the help of the Atkins Diet food lists, you can be sure to eliminate these from your meals.

And even if you fall off the wagon while you’re on your diet, you can just jump right back on, and your Atkins Diet food lists can help you to regain your lost footing. So you caved and went to the nearest Italian restaurant you could find and filled up on your favorite authentic pasta dish.

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